Escape cabin-fever with photography on a light-pad.

I am a big fan of Harold Davis, who has pioneered some fascinating techniques in close-up photography. One of the methods he uses is to photograph items, often flowers, on a light pad. He describes his process in his latest book, Creative Garden Photography, and on YouTube broadcasts. I wanted to make a series of close-up food items from my kitchen — fruits and vegetables, seeds, tea leaves, and other items whose shape and color can create compelling images. I thought Davis’s light pad technique would be a unique way to approach it. …

What to do with over 100,000 images?

I make a lot of photographs. I mean, a lot. I have well over 100,000 images in my files, made over many years of photographic enjoyment. I love to make photos. But, I’m always left with a big question: aside from the joy of creating them, what purpose do they serve? Will anybody ever see them besides me? And, how can I maintain my motivation to do what I truly love?

To answer these questions, I’m continually in search of personal projects that can give my photos a direction and a meaning. I’ve taken on several such projects in the…

Break out of your routine to create magical images.

I’m a sharp focus kind of photographer. I’ve sought out the best lenses for sharpness. I use a tripod whenever possible. And I do a lot of focus stacking to get sharpness throughout the depth of an image.

But just maybe, I’m in a photographic rut. What if I broke out of this routine and approached image making in a novel way?

To help me set out in new directions, I’m currently enrolled in a Creative Closeups class, which is offered through the Capital Photography Center. …

Norman Reid

A photographer since high school, I love travel, landscape, and wildlife photography, but am branching out into macrophotography and fine art photography.

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